Williams & Finkbine is a full-service state-wide litigation firm with an emphasis on providing superior client services based on the principles of integrity, experience, client satisfaction, and results.

Practice Areas

Coverage & Advisory Opinions
Coverage questions arise even under time-tested policy language. At W&F, we understand that coverage issues ripen not only under the unique facts of a particular loss, but at the growing edges of law, technology, industry, and the social order. Our meticulous research of applicable law and study of policy language are central to our work […]
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Federal Courts
When a claim arises under federal law or between actors from different states or nations, the case may be filed in, or removed to, federal court. Our civil litigation practice includes numerous appearances in the U.S. District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio, and in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the […]
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Professional Liability
W&F has built a strong practice defending insurance agents and lawyers in actions for professional malpractice. We have successfully defended insurance agents and agencies all across the state on claims of negligent failure to procure requested coverage, negligent misrepresentation and intentional misrepresentation. We aggressively review with the agent all communications and documentations to make an […]
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Civil Mediation
Founding partner Richard Williams provides well-reasoned, resolution-oriented mediation and arbitration services to colleagues, the bench, and the bar. His approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is informed by his experience in all aspects of litigation, supported by careful analysis, and focused on practical, real-world solutions. To receive more information or to schedule mediation or arbitration […]
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Domestic (Family) Law
At W&F, our domestic relations attorneys work on divorce, dissolution, custody, visitation, non-parent rights, child support, spousal support, and property allocation cases with the understanding that what is best for you and your family is unique to you. With more than 20 years of experience practicing in this field, our attorneys offer considered advice, zealous […]
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Appellate Advocacy
William & Finkbine zealously argue for the rights and positions of our clients at every level of review, from objections to magistrate’s decisions and requests to reconsider and vacate the court’s own orders to interlocutory appeals, appeals from final trial court orders and administrative agency determination, and discretionary review in the Ohio Supreme Court.  As […]
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Employment Liability
Our Employment Practices Liability practice includes sexual harassment, employment discrimination, constructive and discharge defense. W&F represent insurance carriers and their insureds, as well as private companies, before state and federal courts, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the United States Department of Labor, and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. We have experience and success […]
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Community Liability
Our Community Association Liability practice includes defense of condominium associations and homeowners’ associations before state and federal courts and at all stages of proceedings before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. Our attorneys have experience and success in defending claims federal and state discrimination laws, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, negligence, Americans with Disabilities Act […]
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Fidelity & Surety
In conjunction with our Construction Law Practice, our Fidelity and Surety practice is concentrated on the representation of sureties in the construction industry. Our attorneys have handled claims involving performance defaults, delay, disruption, and acceleration on carpentry work, roofing work, masonry work, mechanical work, site preparation, excavation and underground work, highway and roadway and bridge […]
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Construction Litigation
Our construction law attorneys have considerable experience handling legal issues and disputes arising from building and improvements of all sizes and complexity, from basic residential work to large, complex projects. We represent general contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers relative to various disputes that arise in the course of a construction project. W&F recognizes that construction related […]
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Political Subdivision
Cities, counties, and their agencies, offices, departments, and employees provide essential administrative, inspection, maintenance, peace-keeping, safety, transportation, and social services to the public.   In these many and varied roles, political subdivisions and their employees face potential litigation for employment discrimination, constitutional rights violations, federal and state statutory rights violations, breach of contract, bodily injury, […]
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Insurance Litigation
Our insurance defense practice has been the backbone of W&F since it was founded in 1998. We take pride in our extensive knowledge and legal expertise in all areas of insurance litigation, and we are committed to providing remarkable legal services to every client regardless of the size of the company or complexity of the […]
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